My 50th Birthday Luau

Looking for a fun party idea? How can you possibly go wrong with the Hawaiian Luau?


The older you get, the less fun birthdays are.  At least that is what I have been told. However, having friends and family that throw you a fabulous party makes 50 a whole lot easier! What a wonderful night! They truly outdid themselves, and I left feeling so blessed and loved!

We were greeted at the door with some sweet hula girls that were dancing to Hawaiian music.  They placed a lei around our neck and welcomed us warmly. What a perfect way to set the mood! And I loved that they were having a blast doing it!


My friends even went and cut down some fresh bamboo for the arrangements! Now, that is true friendship, especially in the middle of summertime in the south!


Aren’t these cookies the cutest?!  My daughter made these!  She had people asking her if she took orders!  There’s a possible side gig! LOL

We had so much food! We had Hawaiian pizza (my favorite!), pineapple pecan cheese ball! Yum! We had fruit, ham and cheese sliders, chips and salsa and goodies galore! I am making myself hungry thinking about it!



We even had live music! Madison Russell, what a talent you are!!!  Sweet Sophia and Avery joined in also. What an absolutely precious group of girls that serenaded us!




At the end of the night, my daughter presented, “The Top 10 Things I Have Learned From My Mom.”  Which was one of my most treasured moments!  I was honored! Then, my sister had made a powerpoint presentation featuring pics of my 50 years!  Some of those were good, some of those were… well, you know…. pretty funny. LOL

What an awesome night filled with lots of laughs and memories made. Turning 50 was pretty fabulous thanks to my amazing friends and family celebrating with me!




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