10 Things That Very Few People Know

“I’m fine,” I said.

How many times do the words, “how are you doing” come out of our mouths throughout the day? Then, when someone actually starts telling us how they are doing using more than a two word reply, we are looking for an escape route to get the heck out of the conversation. I know you have done it too!!

In large groups, I am generally the listener/encourager/make people laugh person. My preference is to get the other person talking about themselves. (Maybe that is the PK in me or the oldest child trait. Idk.) I don’t always share my feelings and personal stuff about myself. So… I thought I would share ten things that very few people know about me. (I am letting you IN, so please don’t look for an escape route.). Here goes….

  • One. I do NOT like Star Wars! I’m sorry. I really tried. ….. Don’t hate me.
  • Two. I have tried, but I don’t like Charlie Brown either. I mean, I like Charlie, but I don’t like the cartoon. Those kids are just ugly to poor CB.
  • Three. You can gage my mental/emotional state by the number of bracelets that I wear. True story. (More bracelets=happy)
  • Four. When I eat, I subconsciously balance my food portions so that I will end up with exactly one bite of everything on my plate. If that doesn’t happen, then the food gets left on the plate. You would think that would be a good diet strategy, but it turns out that I am pretty good at it.
  • Five. I DREEEEEEEAM of the day that my home is organized and complete. Idk what else to say about that. (Guess I should be hanging up my clothes instead of blogging.)

    Six. I am absolutely intrigued by the moon and all of its phases… waxing, waning, crescent, gibbous and especially the full moon as it is rising! (Hey, That makes me sound like a Science Wiz! Hahaha yeah, right!)

    Seven. I DO NOT eat seafood. Don’t ask me to. I won’t. Period.

    Eight. I always give people the benefit of the doubt when they let me down, but I have RIDICULOUSLY high standards for myself that are impossible to meet.

    Nine. When I say “I’m fine,” I am most certainly NOT fine. You see the smiling Christy, but there are times when my anxiety and depression attack me so fast and furiously that I don’t want to leave my bed ever again. (Please just bring me some cereal and leave me alone.)

    Ten. I am very much a realist. My natural tendencies lean toward “there must be a logical reason why this happened or didn’t happen.” The act of having faith is not easy for me. I struggle with believing “this was God’s perfect plan all along”. Yes, I know what the Bible says but I’m just being real here.

    Eleven. (Sorry, I know I said TEN things but, well… I have eleven) If you asked me what ONE thing I know to be absolutely true, I would say this: GOD.IS.FAITHFUL.

    God IS faithful no matter what we go through! I know this to be true because I have witnessed it many, many times. He knows when I am NOT “fine”.

    I KNOW God loves me with all of my weirdness and unbelief.

    I KNOW that He knows the cries and desires of my heart.

    I KNOW that He knows the real me and…… I truly believe that He is okay with my stand on Star Wars and Charlie Brown!


    1. Michelle

      Very good!!! She also doesn’t like Rudolph, or any other “seasonal” shows because , at some point, they were treated badly. This meant she cried, which meant we had to turn the channel. This was no fun when you only had 3 channels to choose from. HUGE HEART yes she does!

      Liked by 1 person

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