Eating My Elephant

My 2019 motto is “You eat an elephant ONE bite at a time,”or something like that. But, that just sounds a little gross cause who likes to eat elephant anyway?!?! Maybe I could change it to “You eat the world’s largest cupcake ONE bite at a time,” but that just doesn’t have the same appeal and it defeats the purpose of my goal to eat healthy.

Every January I have an extensive time of reflecting and regrouping….

  • I pick my word for the year.
  • I make my vision board.
  • I brainstorm and revise my bucket list.
  • I print affirmations.
  • I make new goals for the year and devise a step by step plan.
  • I buy a new planner and get it all set up. (I just LOVE this stuff!)

Right about now you are probably thinking, “Wow, this girl is really motivated and knocking it out!” Thanks for that vote of confidence BUT in reality, I am a great starter but not a great finisher. I know this.

As an Enneagram 7, (just google it) I love to plan and think about how exciting the future is gonna be but when it comes down to the nitty gritty details and hard work of getting there, well, that’s just boring!

I try. I do.

I’ve watched Marie Kondo and thanked my clothing that didn’t spark joy and bid them farewell.

Girl, I washed my face with Rachel Hollis and quickly decided that I should go ahead and just take a bubble bath.

Jen Hatmaker helped me to find my moxie and be okay with the mess of my daily life.


But…. then January… oh January… with its’ 273 days! (Sigh) By the time the end of the month finally gets here, I am just plain worn out from checking boxes, giving myself pep talks and looking for affirmation of productivity.

Can we just have a snow day already and take a break in our pajamas all day and eat cookie dough?

Here are some conclusions I have come to about my big elephant:

One. Eating the elephant one bite at a time is great, but sometimes you have to scoot back from the table and let it digest or you risk constipation! Haha, I mean burnout.

Two. I tend to look at how much is left of the elephant that I haven’t eaten yet and I don’t see how much I have already bitten off and digested. Make a list of small victories!

Three. Don’t compare elephants! There will always be someone with what appears to be a half eaten elephant. Just keep chewing.

Four. My goals should not be made based on what I think others want me to BE or DO or how successful they think I have been in the past at reaching my goals. If I am taking steps forward, even little ones, then I am making some progress. I’m 50 years old. I’m over it.

Five. I discuss my areas of growth with my Heavenly Father, ask for guidance and wisdom, then do my best to discern His voice and obey. His ways are higher than mine.

There you have it…. how to eat your elephant one bite at a time!

I will continue to work on growing and giving… putting one foot in front of the other, one step at a time and …. One. Bite. At. A. Time.


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