The Friday Night Introvert

What is a perfect night? Date nights, concerts, theater, dinner with friends, family outings, church social events, and celebrations are generally the choice for this right-brained “Orange-Sanguine-Hufflepuff-ESFP”. (If you are confused, those are different personality tests that -in a nutshell-mean that I am the outgoing, creative type that likes to have fun and is scatter-brained) In fact, I had a super exciting evening lined up for this Friday night. Here is how it went down:

4:30 – get home from work

4:31 – unhook bra and slide it out of the armhole of my dress (ahhh)

4:32 – search house for phone charger (there are little creatures that come into my house on a daily basis and take my chargers I’m convinced! I mean, there is just no way that I could be that scattered, right??)

4:35 – take Ibuprofen, check blood pressure

4:38 – collect my daily diamonds on my Design Home app (that’s important)

4:40 – lay down on couch on the dog blanket and watch season 4, episode 8 of Hart of Dixie on Netflix

5:30 – watch season 4, episode 9 of Hart of Dixie on Netflix

6:15 – watch the final episode of Hart of Dixie on Netflix

6:30 – pause show to pluck a whisker out of my cheek that is driving me nuts

7:00 – get tissues to blow nose and dry eyes after watching the final episode of Hart of Dixie (Zoey and Wade had their baby and they said their wedding vows while she was delivering; Lavonne and Lemon finally confessed their love while cleaning the alpaca pen and George and Annabeth signed Meatball to his first record deal while falling in love.) It was all so romantic!

7:05 – eat cheesecake for dinner

7:15 – get on couch with hubby and watch the beautiful Chris Hemsworth in Thor Ragnarok. (I am convinced that the most beautiful people come from Australia…. Chris, Liam, Keith, Hugh, etc. Look it up.)

9:30 – wash face, brush teeth

9:40 – put on mismatched pajamas (hula girl print pj top and chihuahua-on-the-beach print shorts)

9:45 – this Friday night extrovert introvert is headed to bed

All I have to say is…. please don’t be a hater because your life is not as exciting and glamorous as mine. That’s all.

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