Bloom Where God Plants You

I have been known for having a black thumb–as in I kill all of our plants and in record time! I don’t mean to, but nonetheless, I have been the butt of many jokes around my house concerning my lack of a green thumb, and with good reason. 

So, in May, we set out to redo our pathetic flower beds in front of our house (And I do mean PATHETIC.) I insisted on getting the plants that I have always dreamed of having, although in the back of my mind just praying that I could actually keep them alive! 

I spent hours planting, pruning, watering, fertilizing, spraying for pests, and weeding my beds! I was absolutely determined to show everyone that I could do it. 

I planted little white Impatiens with the pink center, bright pink Zinnias that the butterflies love, sweet smelling Lavender, purple Petunias, lilies and roses.

Shortly after I planted them, I noticed that my Impatiens in one of my beds had completely died! I pulled the dead, wilted stems out of the ground and threw them away. 

Six weeks later, I began to see little green leaves pushing through the dirt where the dead Impatiens had once been.  Six weeks? There had been nothing there for six weeks and then I see leaves bursting up? I’m no plant expert, so I found this rather peculiar. That’s when I felt God speaking to me saying…. 

It just wasn’t the right TIME for them to bloom. Just when you had given up on them, they began to thrive and grow and bloom and become something beautiful just like you. Don’t give up. Trust MY timing. 

You see, those Impatiens had been planted beside pretty pink Petunias. Since I had been faithful to water, weed and fertilize the ground all around it, the dead/dormant Impatiens had reaped the benefit of my faithfulness. 

In life, you may feel like that little Impatien flower that is not growing or thriving. I know I have certainly been there before…and not that long ago! But, I am here to pass on the message to you that it doesn’t matter what your situation is, how young or how old you are, how much money you have or the status of your job. God has a plan. Don’t be impatien(t)!  Be faithful to keep doing what is right, loving people and being humble because in due time, you will begin to thrive, grow and bloom in just the perfect place that God has planted you! 


  1. Anonymous

    Christy! Your words are always so inspiring and lift my spirit just when I need them to! Thank you for your faithfulness. You, my friend, are God’s vessel and through you others see and feel God’s grace! Love you!

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