Do You See Flowers or Weeds?

I had started out for my morning walk as the sun was coming up over the horizon.  I passed by some yellow flowers growing beside the road. As I looked at them, I noticed that every one of them were open and had turned to face the sun.  It was really a beautiful sight.  I grabbed my phone and tried to capture what I was seeing.

I started to think about those pretty, yellow flowers. Just an hour earlier had their petals been closed? Were they drooped and facing downward? How long did it take them to turn and face the sun? How would they have looked if the sun had been hidden behind gray storm clouds? How many cars had passed by that morning and hadn’t even noticed them there?

Children are like those little, yellow flowers.  They may come to us with their petals drooping or even completely closed. We have the opportunity to be a ray of sunshine in their life with our kind words!  We have the opportunity to bring warmth and foster growth in their young lives! We can help them to open up by loving and accepting them.  We can inspire them to raise up their head and be beautiful! 

You know, some people would say that what I saw beside the road that day were weeds, NOT flowers. (And, technically, I believe they would be right!) But, I would say to them that it is all in the eye of the beholder!  You can choose to behold a child as a beautiful flower or as an unwanted weed. Whichever you choose, your vision of them will greatly influence the way they see themselves! Now… that is quite a lot to think about.


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