3 Ways to Make May a Success

It’s May! Have you noticed that May has become one of the busiest months of the year?  In my opinion, it is right up there with December! There are graduations, awards assemblies, talent shows, field trips, track and field days, baseball games, and Mother’s Day to name a few! Just thinking about it can make your BP go up.  You know, BP as in blood pressure….. right?  What if, instead of our blood pressure going up, we intentionally worked on a different type of BP going up?

BP #1Build People

It’s very simple — people will remember how you make them feel for years, be it good or bad!

I have to work at a lot of things, but this happens to be one of my giftings and does come naturally to me. The problem is when busyness sets in, and I become so focused on what is going on in my little world that I forget to look outwards to see those that truly need someone to share a smile or a word of encouragement!

We must be INTENTIONAL yet GENUINE with our words and actions!!!

img_1367-2A hug, a prayer, a note, or a cup of coffee can truly make a big difference in someone’s day when done unselfishly with genuine love.  Oh, and it is okay to tell someone that you love them!

BP #2 – BPositive

Someone asked me last night how many days of school I have left and I said “I honestly don’t know.” Their response was, “You don’t know? You mean you are not on the countdown?” The answer is…. no, not really.

Yes, I love summer and yes, I absolutely love staying up till midnight and sleeping in! It is probably my favorite thing of summer! (I think my world would be close to perfect if we could just change school hours to 10-4! LOL)

Can we be honest? Rewind one year — I was so tired and totally burned out.  I was counting the HOURS left before summer. Negativity had totally taken over and I was beyond miserable.  BUT, my choice to be more positive this school year has truly changed my perspective, my attitude toward my students and coworkers,  my energy level and the overall direction of my life!!!

BP #3 – Bring the Party

There are always those people that everyone wants to be around just because they are just so fun! They make people laugh! They turn up the music and dance! They bring chocolate!

Let me tell you something — being the fun one is NOT a sign of immaturity! It is a sign that you want to LIVE your LIFE! It is a sign that you want to make memories with your tribe!  Being able to make people smile and laugh is a valuable gift!

Take it as a compliment when someone calls you The Party Queen!

So, get your BP up….

Build People,

Be Positive,

and by golly, Bring the Party!

As my friend Leah says….  “That’s it!”


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