6 Life-Changing Things to BE

About a year ago, I was talking to a good friend. I was frustrated and felt that I was spinning my wheels, trying to do what I thought God had called me to do but making no progress. She stopped me and said “why are you trying so hard to make things happen when you know God has a plan? This week I want you to just BE and not DO. BE the amazing person that you are and it will all fall into place.”

That statement kind of jarred me. I went home and deeply pondered what it was exactly that she was trying to say to me.

I decided to take her advice. Over the next year, several things changed for me. I suppose the changes happened gradually because now I can look back and actually see growth in my life in several areas.

What changed? If I had to pinpoint the changes, I would say that I decided to BE these six things that I am going to share with you.

BE an Encourager

Want to make a difference in someone’s life? Be an encourager! Want to make a difference in your own life? Be an encourager! You just don’t know what may be going on in other people’s lives!

BE Content With Who I Am

Oh dear this is a big one and worthy of its very own blog post! But, in all honesty, the older I get, the more okay I am with my personality, my appearance and my strengths/weaknesses. This continues to be a work in progress.

BE Present

Stop worrying about the future and notice what is going on today! Put down the phone and talk to your kiddos. Time flies by and you won’t get these moments back! Take it from this momma whose birds have already left the nest.

BE Open to Opportunities and Ideas

I have had a specific course in mind that I thought God wanted me to take all of my life but it seems like my dreams and plans have evolved.  I want to be open and willing if God opens doors that I never even considered. Maybe His plans for me are actually bigger than my own!

BE Intent on Drawing Closer to God

I began last June on a mission to just KNOW God more and worship Him.  From that intent, came a prayer journal that I have written and shared over 175 copies! I had not planned on DOing that, but from BEing in God’s presence, the book was born. I don’t take the glory, but I pray that others can use this tool to BE intent on drawing closer to God also.

BE Quiet if I Am Only Going to Whine & Complain

Ouch! This is a hard one.  But, like Forest Gump would say “that’s all I have to say about that.” It’s pretty self explanatory and a huge game changer. Oh and yeah, this is also a work in progress!

To BE or not to BE?

or should it be…

To BE and not to DO?

Slow down, take a breath and focus on BEing the amazing person that God has made YOU to BE!

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