Fresh Ideas for Your Spiritual Journey in 2017

Are you looking for a fresh way to connect with God in 2017? I would like to tell you about a tool that I have developed to aid you on your spiritual journey.

This process for me began last June.  School was OUT and I was stressed OUT!  I was totally burned OUT.  Instead of making a huge TO DO list for the summer, I decided that my main focus would be on strengthening my spiritual walk with God.  I was desperate! (Read my post I WANT MORE from last June.)

I made it a priority to spend time with God every morning. I began to journal my prayers and Bible studies but soon realized that I needed to adjust this process. I needed a more detailed process to keep me focused and on track, so I developed the Prayer PHRASE.


As I discussed this process with friends and family, I found that there was a lot of curiosity and interest in learning to journal. I knew that I had to share my ideas and create a tool for others to get started!

In this journal, I explain the different prayer steps, give practical tips on how to use each section and scriptures to support each area.

There are blank prayer journaling pages with individual boxes for each section of the prayer PHRASE.

Here is an example of today’s prayer time:

I include lists of scriptures on various topics for your Bible study time.  Also, included are lists of names/attributes of God to use as a reference during the PRAISE section of your prayer.


I include ideas for scripture journaling, as well as plenty of lined pages (with cute clip art😜) for your own journaling.

Through this process, I have been more consistent and productive during my devotional time.  I can look back over my entries and see how God has worked in my life. He is so faithful!

My spiritual journey is a continual process, but I have definitely seen fruitful growth since last June and I look forward to sitting down and spending time with God every morning!

If you are interested in starting this process with the Seek Pray Grow journal, please comment below or contact me through:

  • Etsy shop: TransparentMe
  • Twitter:  @christy_launius
  • Instagram: christylaunius
  • Facebook page:  Christy Launius – Seek Pray Grow

I wish you the best on your spiritual journey in 2017!

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