Fifty by 50

On June 25, I turned 48! Y’all! Forty.eight.years.old. So, I did what any normal 47-year-old would do on the eve of her birthday.  I went to Wal-Mart! I was at home alone that night, so no one was available to join my pity party. I decided that I could do just fine at the party by myself, so I headed to Wal-Mart for my party supplies.

At Wal-Mart, I quickly picked up my items of choice and headed back home.  I sat my bag down on the table and unloaded my goodies one by one.

img_7030-1First out of the bag was a set of bright pink pajamas.  On the front of these pajamas was a little dog wearing sunglasses, sitting under a glittery beach umbrella, with the saying “Dog Days of Summer”–not cheesy at all! ha

The Next, out of the bag was the biggest package of Sharpie markers that I could find, in every color imaginable. (insert happy dance) This is a luxury that I will never let myself have, but this was desperate times!

Finally, and you may need to sit down for this one, was a half-gallon of Bluebell ice cream. Not just any Bluebell ice cream… this was a new flavor… a combination of my two favorite flavors of ALL time! (cue the angels singing!) …. cookies-n-cream AND chocolate-chip cookie dough!!! Genius! I actually think I may have scared the people around me when I saw it in the freezer aisle.

In my new doggy pjs, I sat down with ice cream in hand, my ginormous pack of markers, and my doodle pad. Let the pity party festivities begin!

As I sat there, I thought…..

I really don’t FEEL like I am 48.

I don’t think that I LOOK 48 (maybe… maybe not… ya know, chubby girls don’t show wrinkles like thin girls do though.)

And, I’ve been told that I don’t ACT as old as I am. (I’m not actually certain that was a compliment, but either way, I’ll take it.)

The wheels began to turn in my head– Or maybe it was all that sugar from the ice cream.  I decided to start a Fifty by 50 campaign. Instead of wallowing in all of the “Oh my goodness, I’m going to be 50 and I haven’t done this, and gone there, and accomplished this….”, I decided to focus on positive, practical things that will make a difference in my world and those around me by the time I am 50.  I decided to bring you along for a couple of reasons…..

  1. to be my accountability partner
  2. maybe you will also be encouraged and inspired to reach for new things and focus on the positive!

Here is how my lofty list has started:

  • 50 people/groups/organizations that I have made a substantial positive impact on
  • 50 books read
  • 50 new places visited
  • 50 new blog posts
  • 50 new things learned
  • 50 The Prayer Phrase Journal/books sold
  • 50 ladies hosted on a spiritual retreat
  • and…. (reluctantly typing)…. 50 lbs. lost

I have 86 weeks….  so here I go!

I’ll keep you posted. 😉


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