The Power of a Teacher’s Words

Your words are power!  They can either have the power to build up and encourage or tear down and defeat!

I recently attended a professional development workshop where we  watched a video of a man telling about his memories of his school days. He told how he was constantly in trouble at school. He was always angry and hated everything about it. He made this comment, “if just ONE teacher would had taken the  time to tell me and treat me like she BELIEVED in me, it would have made all the difference in the world!”  One teacher! Just ONE teacher!  That is heartbreaking to think that over the course of thirteen years that not one took the time to really invest in this young life.

I started thinking about a teacher that truly affected my life.

Miss Trull was my choir teacher.  I first met her when my family moved from a rural Arkansas town to Little Rock and I signed up for the 8th grade girls’ choir.  I can remember the first days of being in her class. I was amazed at how she led her class and it became the highlight of my day.I continued to sing in the choir with Miss Trull for three years.

  She constantly pushed me in my musical talent and helped me to continually grow. She would make me sing all different parts, from 2nd alto to 1st soprano.

One day we were rehearsing and she played a high C note on the piano.  She looked at me and said “Christy, that is your note at the end of the song.” For those of you that are not musical, that is a super high note!  I looked at her with big eyes and said “I don’t know if I can sing that note.”  She just glanced at me and said “yes, you can. Alright everyone, let’s start at the beginning.” You can guess what happened when we reached the end of our song.  I realized that yes I can sing that note.  She never doubted.  She just believed in me!

I can remember a day that she sat down beside me on the bus while on a field trip. She began to ask me what my future career plans were.  At fifteen, this wasn’t a topic that anyone had seriously discussed with me. I said “I haven’t really thought about it a lot.  I’ll probably be a secretary of something.”  She responded by saying, “no, you need to go to college and get a degree.”  I responded by saying, “I don’t think my family really has the money for that.”  She began to tell me how she believed that I could get a scholarship.  Me?  Go to college?  Get a scholarship?  Wow!  That sounded pretty exciting. I started to ponder those thoughts…..

Miss Trull thinks I can, so it must be true!

So, here I am…..  many years later….

  • I have taught elementary music for sixteen years.
  • I went to college on a full tuition paid music scholarship.

…. all because one teacher took the time to say “YES, YOU CAN!”

Twitter: Mrs. Launius @FunMusicLady

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