I Want More

I want more.  Don’t you?

More love?  More success? More stuff?

Sure, all of that is good.  But I want more SPIRITUALLY.

I believe that I am a faithful, Christian woman.  I love the Lord. I love the church.  I have my quiet time with God.  So, why do I not feel like I am growing spiritually?

I want a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ…. One that I long to spend time with Him… one that my entire being wants to serve Him…. one that cries out for His presence.

So, I bought a new study Bible. (The Life Application Bible in my favorite translation – NLT)  I bought a new, cute journal and pens – necessities in any successful journaling experience 🙂 It even has a beach scene on it, AKA my happy place.  I am journaling my thoughts, specific verses and prayers.

I feel like a change is starting to occur.

I feel like my heart is starting to be tilled up, like a ground would be, in preparation for planting seeds.

That all sounds just wonderful! Right?

Here is the bottom line:


CHANGE can be exciting, but can also be UNCOMFORTABLE and SCARY.

Am I willing to get out of my COMFORT ZONE?

Am I willing to give up some of the things that I do, say, watch and read? OUCH!

Am I willing to choose people to be in my life that support me in the growth process? (and let go of others that don’t?)

Am I willing to be obedient at all costs?

I want more, so my answer must be yes.

Yes, Lord please help me to be willing to change.

Yes, Lord please give me courage to step out of my comfort zone.

Yes, Lord please help me to put you first over my own desires and habits.


I want more.







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