Can You Believe My Mom Made Me Do That?

You would not believe some of the things that my mom made me do while growing up! Just let me share some of them with you and just see how YOU would feel about it if YOUR mom made you do this too!

She made us play outside!  

Yes, it is really true…. she made us play outside.  My sisters and I were FORCED to make some pretty awesome memories! Like the time we were riding our bikes, while playing super heroes with towels pinned around our necks, and one of us got our cape (towel) caught in the chain of the bike. 911 superhero down!!!

And what about the time that I decided that I wanted to grow up and be a basketball coach?  I about killed my little sister by making her “hustle, hustle, hustle” while doing drills and blowing my whistle at her. (not so great memory for her)  No looking back and saying, “remember that time when we stayed in our bedroom and played video games?”

She made us do chores!

(gasp) We had to make our bed EVERYDAY!  She had the nerve to make us fold the laundry AND put it away.  Every Saturday morning, my sister and I would  clean the bathroom from top to bottom, and dust and vacuum the entire house. We did this while my mother cleaned the church-with a servant’s heart-that my dad pastored.

We grew up in a pretty strict home where rock music and dancing was not allowed.  Usually, my dad would be out making hospital calls or studying for his sermon on Saturday morning.  My sister and I would get a little wild and turn on American Bandstand and dance around the house!!! BUT we got our chores done.  Guess how I clean my house now?  Yep–turn up the music!

She made us go to church!

There was never a question of “are we going to church?”  We always knew the answer and it was always “yes”.  I can remember VERY few times that we actually missed because we were sick.  And by golly, if you were sick enough to stay home, you couldn’t watch TV or play or do anything other than lay in bed.

I won’t say that I was always the sweet, little preacher’s kid that never caused any trouble. One of the churches that my dad pastored, we lived a few miles away.  I can remember my mom reaching over, in the middle of the service, and pinching the back of my arm (you know that sensitive part just below the armpit!)  She would whisper “you two are getting a spanking when we get home!”  So, my sister and I would always “fall asleep” in the car on the way home.  It was harder for them to wake up an innocent looking child to give them a spanking.  I always thought that we pulled a good one on them, but looking back, I think they may have known what we were doing and used it to their advantage. They actually got to have the rest of the evening in peace without us running around fighting and asking for food, or having us argue about going to bed, as we were forced to carry out our scheme!

As we went through our teenage years, it wasn’t always the popular thing to be the one that couldn’t go places or spend the night for a friend’s birthday party on Saturday night. Yet, it really wasn’t an issue or debate because we knew what was expected of us.
Now, can you believe that my mom actually made us do all of that?!  And now, many years later, I am forced to deal with the consequences of her actions…. things like….

… being creative, flexible and resourceful…
…being responsible, unselfish and helpful…
…being faithful to God and to my ministry calling…

Thanks mom!img_2901
You did good! Real good!



  1. Robbie Hoover

    Christy, you are a beautiful, grown up young lady. Time sure fly’s by! I remember you guys being at Maumelle A/G back in the ’80’s. You were just a teenager then. You have great parents and it seems clear from reading this that they have raised wonderful and well adjusted young ladies. Up date me on you life. I’ll try to friend you on Facebook..

    Liked by 1 person

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