A God Moment at Target

So, I had a God moment today at Target!

I had been to the doctor and was feeling frustrated with myself (for my lack of motivation to get healthy… but that’s another blog post!), so I decided to go and do some retail therapy at the Target dollar spot! (Hey, don’t judge…. I know a lot of ladies that do therapy in the Dillard’s shoe department! My husband got off lucky with my dollar obsessions!)

Anyway, with my hands filled with adorable note pads, stickers and pens, I heard a lady behind me say, “I just love this stuff!  I think you and I would get along great because I see that you do too!  I just needed a little Target dollar spot therapy today!”  I said, “girl, me too cause I just came from the doctor’s office.”  She replied, “we did too.  Are you alright?”  I said, “oh yeah, I just had to get on the scales!” with a chuckle.  “What about you?”

She began to tell me how her husband had just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a few weeks ago.  My eyes filled with tears because I knew that God had put me there for a reason. You see, just yesterday, I was praying and repenting of not being a support to people that I know have walked this journey lately.  Sure, I have prayed for them, but I have not reached out to them and encouraged them like I should have.  (No excuses.  Shame on me.)

People! This was YESTERDAY that I prayed this!  Are you getting the jest of what is going on here??? I can only imagine God saying, “ok here’s your chance…. prove it!”

I shared with her how my husband and I had walked that road, and made it to the other side.

I shared with her how dealing with cancer is a rollercoaster of emotions.

I shared with her how leaning on God, continual prayer and trusting in Him was how we made it through. (I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength! Philippians 4:13

We stood in the Target dollar spot, of all places, hugging, crying, and exchanging phone numbers.

Before we parted ways, she hugged me again and said, “you are God’s angel that He sent to encourage me today!”  Well….. I’m no angel…. by a looooong shot…..

I’m just a girl that had prayed for God to open her eyes to those around her that are hurting.

…just a girl that wants to share her story for God’s glory.

…just a girl that wants to use her time wisely on things that really matter.

…just a girl that loves cute stickers, pens and papers…… and this time, that cute stuff led me to a God moment!


  1. Billy C. Carr

    here am I, teary eyed after reading you story. This a road i am still traveling. I speak to all whom will listen about my own problems and prayers and the Miracles I have received from the Lord and his band of Angels. I am in the process of getting my last two (to date) and should have them posted on Angels and Miracles Facebook page. This is one of those stories and you get to be the first reader..

    On a hot summer day in July of 2010, My wife, Darlene had driven me to the VA in Fayetteville for some tests. We finished, got in our car, rolled down the windows and drove down to the stoplight at College Avenue. We stopped for the red light. After a minute, the light changed, Darlene looked, as usual, left, right, and left again. then pulled out two or three feet into the intersection when something made both of us look to the left again. Darlene stopped immediately and luckily, the car behind us did the same thing and avoided hitting us.There was no room or time to back up. The car to our right stopped when he saw us hit our brakes. Coming at us was a 26 ft U haul truck about 60 mph and I quickly realized it would hit us about where the driver door hinges were located. I asked God for help, and I told Darlene to hold on and grabbed her and we held each other and prayed for help. I was still watching the front tire when all of a sudden, We felt pressure and could feel the truck coming through, over and around us as if we were encapsulated in a bubble. I had seen the right front tire suddenly lift into the air, watched the cab of the truck lift up in steps until it was all the way over and in front of us. I could see the driver bouncing in his seat as he stared at me with a queried look on his face. The truck continued to warp over and around us as I became assured we were truly being held in the arms of Angels and sheltered from harm by their almighty wings. I have no doubt the bubble was Angel wings spread out to protect us. After what seemed to be in slow motion, the truck landed back onto the street and kept on going up the hill. WE breathed for the first time in what seemed to be an eternity, even though it was just a few seconds, at most. After the U hall had gone over the hill, no cars moved. we all just sat there in awe of the miracle that had just transpired. Of 20 to 30 cars who had witnessed this “miracle” not one vehicle moved. There was no honking of horns nor any movement at all. We sat there watching the stoplight turn green, to red and back again tree or four times. Finally I asked Darlene if she was OK and she asked me the same; yes we are both OK. Meanwhile, The driver to the right of us Was seeming, still in shock. I asked if he was OK and he stammeringly said he was OK. He then asked these words; “Could you please explain to me what just happened here?” I told him “Sir, we just had an Angelic intervention.” He then asked me how did I know and I said “I asked for God’s help and he sent his Angels.” “He has sent them to help me several times before.”. After what seemed to be an eternity in time, even though it was just a few minutes, we cleared the intersection with our next green light and suddenly, the traffic resumed around us.

    I thought you may enjoy reading this one. I may just use this for my next true Angel story.


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