Two Wise Words for 2016


On New Year’s Day, we make new resolutions and goals, and we dream about what we would like to achieve. I am like everyone else…  I have my cute little notebook/planner that I have spent a lot of time on making lists and plans to get healthier, spend more time with God, improve my relationships, and organize my house (we all know that will take a 2016 miracle!)

I normally focus on the positive side of things — instead of saying “stop eating junk food”, I say, “eat healthier”. Instead of saying, “stop being a couch potato”, I say, “exercise more”. That is good, right??? That’s what I always thought, BUT what if we take a different approach this year?

I think I have found the answer to all of my problems!!  You want to hear it??? Ok, then start by making a list of all the things that you  want to change. Yes, do it right now.

Here is mine……

  • I eat junk.
  • I like to sit on the couch and watch tv and play on my phone instead of exercise.
  • I am a stacker. I make stacks of stuff that I am going to read, put away, file, etc. then I never revisit it.
  • I tend to compare my looks, my personality, my talent, my home, my vacations, etc. to other people who seem to have it better than me.
  • I tend to measure my self-worth based on how other people value my work, my talent, and my contribution.

Now, you have seen my list,
so you should feel better about yourself!

Next, click on the link below and listen very carefully to the wise words that are said in this link. I think it will change your life!!!😀
Click link⬇️ Seriously….. ⬇️

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