Chubby Girl Truths & Shopping Tips

My original title was “Fat Girl Truths” but that seems to make people uncomfortable.  Chubby sounds cuter, right?  Just wanted to pass on my CG expertise……  So, here goes…….  (If you are the skinny, disciplined type, you are not going to really enjoy this blog post so go and eat a carrot or something.)

CGT #1

Jeans that say “Skinny Jeans” on the tag should be avoided at all costs.  Trying to pull those up over your thighs could cause a serious accident in the dressing room or damage to the precious skinny jeans.   Just put the hanger back on the rack and move on to a label that says “Curvy Fit”.  It will be ok.

CGT #2

They do not make boots for fat calves!  I mean, really….. girls, don’t force on a boot that makes your calf hang over the top of the boot like a muffin top.  Not sexy.  Please make another choice.  Okay?  Okay!

CGT #3

Mirrors in department store dressing rooms are of the devil.  That’s all.


If you work in a department store, please don’t get your feelings hurt when you come outside my dressing room and ask in your chipper little voice, “how is everything going in there?” and I yell “oh it’s just swell!!! Really grand!!!”  As a matter of fact, please don’t check on me.  I will just be in there sweating. You can go turn down the AC.  Thanks.

CGT #5

My fellow CGs, please save up your money and go and buy some body armor…. aka Spanx, girdle, spandex, or whatever you want to call it.  Yes, you need it.  Yes, it is worth it. Please…. Just. Do. It.

CGT #6

I apologize if this sounds ugly, but if I am surfing my social media sight and you show up exercising in very little clothes and you look fabulous, I will keep right on scrolling! I mean, yes, I am very proud of you and yes, you are amazing!  Go you!  But, I was really enjoying my cupcake until you popped up!!! Ugh!

Alright, well that’s all for now!  Stay strong CGs!!!



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