5 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self

I was recently in the same neighborhood of the house that I spent most of my teenage years in.   As I drove by, so many memories flooded my mind; good memories and bad memories.  As I looked back, it was hard to not dwell in the land of woulda-coulda-shouldas.

I found myself thinking:

“I wish someone would have told me……”

“I wish I knew then, what I know now.”

“If I could go back and tell my teenage self…..”

If you could go back and talk to your teenage self, what would you tell yourself?  Would you tell yourself not to get that perm, because your hair will look fried?!  Would you tell yourself to not hide things in your dresser drawer, because that is the first place mom looks for things?!  Would you tell yourself to not trick your little sister, cause she will get you back when you grow up?! lol

Here is my list of things I would tell my teenage self:

#1 – “You do not need a boyfriend to validate your self-worth!”

“You do not have to have a boyfriend!  There is so much more to living than the attention and affection of a boy!  Do not base your self-worth and value on whether or not a boy thinks that you are pretty or smart!  Believe in yourself.  Just because a boy doesn’t like you, doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you.  You are worth more than you think you are!  Let Jesus Christ determine your value…. not a boy.  Let him fill that empty void inside of you!”

#2 – “Teenage boys say stupid things!”

“Just because you are 5’1″ and have curves, does not mean you are fat!  Teenage boys do not know how to express what is going on inside of their head (And body), therefore they joke around and say stupid (and hurtful) things. It doesn’t mean that it is truth, just because they say it!”  {{I look at pictures of myself when I was a teenager, and I am amazed at how small I was…. That’s because I can remember looking at the very same picture, as a teenager, and thinking how  HUGE I looked in it.  I can recall my boyfriend telling me that I should eat toast and drink water for three days at 128 lbs.}} (I”m not going to lie…. if I DID get to go back in time, it might give me some satisfaction to stop by his house and tell him what he can do with his toast!!!!)

#3 – “Don’t try to grow up too fast.”

“Stop worrying about the future and enjoy living today. You are only this age once, so have fun!  Grown-up life is not all that it is cracked up to be!

#4 – “Seek help and support when you are anxious and depressed.”

“I know that you think that if you were stronger, you could ‘fix’ this anxiety and depression, but sometimes you can’t do it by yourself.  You need help.  It’s okay.  Just because you battle these things, doesn’t mean that you are weak or a lesser person.  Talk to a counselor.  Seek help.  Don’t suffer in silence or let others belittle the way that you are feeling.”

#5 – “Listen to mom!  She knows what she is talking about!”

I know right now, mom says things that seem too old-fashioned, and you think that she doesn’t have a clue, but she really does know what she is talking about and has your best interest at heart, so listen to her!!!”


  1. Gene Curtis

    Wow. I wish I could somehow have this wisdom implanted into all my daughters brains. #1 and #2 especially. Very well written!! I hope & pray that John stays healthy and his cancer stays in remission. Also, thank you very much again for singing at mom ‘s funeral service.


    1. Christy Launius

      Thank you Ralph!!! I was wondering who Gene was! Lol It was absolutely my pleasure to sing at your mom’s funeral. She was a special, special lady! I can only wish that I could have her energy and ability to do practically anything!!! 😀


  2. ginabeardjames

    This is so awesome, Christy! I have so many things I’d tell my teenage self, too! I’m sorry your boyfriend told you that! What the heck? You were/are drop dead gorgeous! All the girls admired you. That makes me mad that he would do that to you. Sounds like HE had the problem. Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

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