My Favorite Things Party

There is nothing like having some girl time to get together, eat, laugh and visit!  Last week, I hosted a Favorite Things Party!  What is a favorite things party, you ask?  Let me tell you!  First, I sent this information to my girlfriends:

Let’s have a girl party and share our “favorite things”
💙Thursday, June 18 @7 PM
💛 bring your favorite dish to share (snack, salad, dessert or whatever)
💚bring 3 of your favorite things–unwrapped with retail value around $10 each (you can bring 3 of the same thing or 3 different things)
❤️you will go home with 3 new favorites!
💗you are welcome to bring a friend– just pass along all of the information!


When the guests arrived, they put their food item on the table and wrote on the brown paper, i.e., “Christy’s Cheese Ball”.


They placed their three items on the gift table.



They put their name on one slip of paper and placed it into a bucket.

 Next, they filled out a short “favorite things” survey and placed it into a different bucket.


After everyone had eaten, we gathered around as I pulled out a survey from the bucket and read it.  We would quickly try to guess whose it was.  That person would then come up and show what they had brought as their favorite things.  We continued until everyone shared their items.



Then, I drew names, one by one, for people to come up and choose a gift to put in their bag!  After everyone’s name had been chosen, I put all of the names back into the bucket.  I continued the same process two more times.  This way, everyone gets to choose something that they actually want AND it is evenly spread out.  (I have read where some FT parties have you put your name in the bucket three times.  This could mean that someone could possibly get to choose three times before another person gets to choose anything at all.)


I actually put this party together in one week!  There were a few things that I had wanted to include, like making everyone a CD of my favorite songs, since music is such a big part of my life.  I just didn’t have the time to do that….. maybe next time! 🙂

I did it on a week night, which has its advantages and disadvantages.  Some people were a little late with trying to get here from work.  All in all, I liked it because it didn’t interfere with their family time on the weekends!


We had an absolute blast!  My friends are so much fun!

IMG_6168 IMG_6181 IMG_6250 IMG_6255 IMG_6257 IMG_6258 IMG_6279 IMG_6286IMG_6247

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