Bittersweet…. That is one of those words that combines two words with contradictory meaning; an oxymoron, I believe it is called. That is the way that I feel about July 1, 2014.

July 1- the day that I watch my son walk away to become a man…

July 1- The day he walks into a building at USNA, with his backpack and khaki shorts on, then comes out in a white uniform…

July 1- The day that will be full of emotions!

July 1- The day that my job, of raising and teaching my son, has reached its’ pinnacle.

Parenting is bittersweet. It is the most wonderful, difficult, rewarding, challenging and magnificent thing you will ever do!

I remember calling my mother in tears…. many times! I would say “mom, I don’t know what else to do. This child is the most strong-willed child in the whole world!” She told me one day, “Christy, just remember that these traits that he possesses may be challenging today but one day they are going to make him an outstanding leader!” I have thought of this conversation many, many times. It was probably fourteen or fifteen years ago. And, guess what…. Mom’s are usually right and in this case… She was DEFINITELY right.

I have to let my young man fly. Fly to become the amazing leader that he was born to be.

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