101 Ways to be a Better Parent

It’s the popular thing to do – to share your wisdom using a certain “number” of items….

“10 Things That Happy People Do”

“15 Ways to Be the Perfect Wife”

“3 Things You Can Do To Clean Your Entire House in 30 Minutes” (they obviously have not seen my house!😜)

So, I thought I would share my wisdom with 101 things you can do to become a better parent. Are you ready?

  1. Listen to them.
  2. Listen to them.
  3. Listen to them…….
    Get the point? No, I am not typing that 101 times!!!

I hear parents say, “my kids don’t talk to me!”

I know kids can be kids, BUT here’s some food for thought…..

In the past, when they wanted to talk to you….

…. Were you too busy with laundry, cooking, talking on the phone, Facebook, Candy Crush, etc., to listen?

…. Did you get on to them for being upset about a situation they were wanting to share?

…. Did you give them a solution to their problem (“what you need to do is_____”). when all they really wanted was to have someone to listen and for you to assure them that you were there for them?

I am a teacher and often have car-rider duty after school, which means that I help children get into their vehicles. It breaks my heart when a child gets into a vehicle and the parent is talking on the phone and doesn’t even acknowledge their child. It happens a lot.

I most definitely have not been the perfect parent, or even close to perfect, for that matter! BUT this is one thing that I believe I have done right for many years.

I have made it a priority to communicate with my children.

I have made it a priority to listen to their problems and help them work through options for a solution.

I have made it a priority to let them know that THEY are MY priority!

I think they turned out alright. 😉❤️👍


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