How do you spell “Launius”?

I have the most exciting job! Everyday is different. I teach music to children ages 5 to 10. I thought I would share a few notes that I have received lately. The thing is…. most of them don’t know how to spell my name. That’s ok – most adults don’t know how to spell it either! It becomes quite comical.

So…. how do you spell Launius?










Launius? YES!!!



This particular note came from a little girl that I had to call her name out often. She was very socialable. When she gave me this note, I was so excited because I thought that I had “won her over”. It is so very sweet. Then, I turned it over and it said, “Can I PLEASE sit beside Jessica today?” Oh well……


This one is from a kindergartener that had gotten in trouble in my class for not obeying and following directions. Notice the face on the woman in blue. Is that me? That’s pretty scary!


I love this picture!!! The child said that he drew a picture of me and my husband. Look how long my legs are!!!! Oh yeah!


This is one of my favorite drawings that I have ever received from a child. Do you know what it is?

I see this child every Friday. I always wear my Panther attire to show my support for our football team on this day. So, virtually everytime he sees me, I am wearing something with a panther paw on it! Yes, this picture is a panther paw!!! Can you guess our school colors? 🙂

You would have to know this special little boy to understand the value of this gift. He gave it to me on the day that my son, a senior, was playing in the state championship football game. Russell said, “I made this for you Mrs. Launius. It’s for good luck for your son in the football game.” Melt . my . heart!

You can spell my name however you want.

When I show up at school feeling less than perfect, they make me feel like a rock star!

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