Lessons From the Big “C” – part 1


It’s a word that no one wants to hear. Cancer. It’s a word that we heard coming from our doctor’s mouth on November 27, 2013. It was like the world stood still for several seconds as we sat in total silence and wondered “did he just say what we thought he said?”

It has been a journey. A real journey. A journey that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

A journey of fear and courage
A journey of uncertainty and hope
A journey of weakness and strength
A journey of weariness and rest
A journey of loneliness and support
A journey of giving and receiving
A journey of failure and growth
A journey of TRUTH…

TRUTH… As in —
What am I made of when it comes right down to it?
What really matters today?
Who can I rely on to be there for me?
Can I count on God when I have absolutely nothing left to give… To feel… To be?

What am I made of?
Truth — My natural tendencies are to feel sorry for myself.
I fight jealousy.
I have a hard time forgiving.
Depression is my biggest enemy.
I DAILY go to God and ask for forgiveness, mercy, strength and attitude adjustments.

What am I made of?
Truth — I am a child of an optimist mother that refused to sit around and feel sorry for her situation and she SURE wouldn’t let her girls do that. I am a child of a mother that, when I was down or stressed, would say to me “how long has it been since you have read your Bible?” I am a child of a father that listened to the voice of God and followed His leading at all costs. I am a child of a father that taught me that if I obeyed God, He would ALWAYS take care of me and make a way through every situation.


What am I made of?
My parents taught me to believe every word written in the Bible.
“But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10 NIV)

So, it’s gold. That’s what I’m made of.
Not fool’s gold, but precious gold.
Gold that is cherished by its founder.
Gold that has been hidden in the dirt.
My savior searched for me; put me in the sifter; washed me; polished me until I began to shine as gold.

Most days I don’t feel like gold.
BUT God’s word says that I will come forth as gold!

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