January, Oh January


“I can’t take this.” I said while sitting in the living room last night, looking at the TV screen, with tears in my eyes. Sounds rather dramatic, I know. But doggone it, have you ever seen those commercials about adopting a homeless pet? Those eyes have to be the most pitiful and saddest thing ever! AND there is the little fact that I just hate sunless–dreary–post holiday–can’t fit into any of my clothes January.

I was just sitting there, reading Mockingjay while John, my husband, and Katie, my daughter were watching the movie, Pearl Harbor on TV. “Don’t you want to watch this with us” they said. Umm… No!! This is one of the saddest movies I have ever seen — the fact that it has Ben Affleck AND Josh Hartnett in it is just beside the point at this instance. There should be a new law that declares –NO DEPRESSING MOVIES ARE TO BE SHOWN IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY! None. I just finished watching 457 Lifetime, Hallmark and ABC Family Christmas movies in which you could figure out the cheesy plot five minutes into the movie. But, hey, I still watched them and loved every minute of it.

Anyways, I am attempting to read my book. Katniss has just awoken in the hospital and she thinks Peeta, her boyfriend/pretend fiancé is dead…..She is taken to her town and sees that the whole place has been totally destroyed by the enemy….While wondering through the rubble, she finds a jacket that belonged to her dead father and a pitiful, scroungy cat that was her sister’s pet. While I am reading this, I am hea20140111-002102.jpgring the most dramatic music in the background on TV. I look up and it is at the end of the movie where Ben is holding Danny and crying, “Danny, you can’t die. You’re gonna be daddy. I wasn’t suppose to tell ya but you’re gonna be a dad.” Danny looks at him and says “no, YOU are.” And takes his last breath. Oh.my.goodness. The only thing that could make this night even better would be getting to watch Titanic. NOT.
Today, a song came to my mind that I have not heard in decades. I learned it in children’s church. It goes:

The joy of the Lord is my strength.
The joy of the Lord is my strength.
The joy of the Lord is my strength. Oh, the joy of the Lord is my strength.
(Difficult words, I know but if you know this song then I’m sure you were singing right along. Here’s my favorite part…)
If you want joy you must LAUGH for it.
If you want joy you must LAUGH for it
If you want joy you must LAUGH for it.
Oh the joy of the Lord is my strength.
(Then we laughed the entire chorus on the melody)
Haha haha hahaha haha HA HA HA …..
Haha haha hahaha haha HA HA HA …..
(I’m serious people. I can’t make this stuff up!).

Go ahead. Try laughing an entire song on the melody and see if you don’t feel better afterward. Go ahead.

So folks, here we have it. We have found our cure for the January blahs. It’s in a simple, and somewhat odd, children’s song….

Find JOY in The Lord.
He IS our strength.
For yesterday, January and tomorrow.

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