Does it Really Matter?

What DOESN’T really matter?

Keep in mind that this is merely my opinion. And some of you ladies will put your hand to your chest, roll your eyes and gasp and in your best southern voice say “well, I never!”

Here goes… What doesn’t matter…. In my humble opinion…..

WHY do we organize our silverware perfectly in a drawer? I mean, can’t we just open the drawer, spot a spoon, grab it and use it? I don’t get it. It may take a trillionth of a second longer to find it when it is not stacked inside another spoon inside of another spoon inside of another spoon. I just like to dump the whole silverware caddy from the dishwasher in the drawer (while doing my evil laugh). Why not? The last time I did that, my husband says “I made it easier for you by organizing the dirty silverware in the dishwasher – all the forks in one pocket, all the spoons in one pocket….. ”. Ummm… Ok dear… Sorry.

And WHY do we perfectly trifold our bath towels and stack them where all the corners are facing the same direction? Isn’t it all the same if we just grab a clean towel out of a basket?? But I guess that would be uncivilized or something weird like that. Who came up with these practices? I’ll tell you who. A bunch of June Cleaver wannabes from the 50s. It’s 2014. Weren’t we supposed to have little robots that floated around and did all of the housework by this time? You know, like The Jetsons?

Anyway, I follow our societies’ practices (most of the time) and I fold my towels. I sort my silverware. Yes, I have pushed down my rebellious spirit! But, please be aware that it COULD resurface at any time and you MAY have to dig out a spoon or pull a towel out of a basket if you come to stay with me. Just sayin…

P.S. one more thing….. shhhh don’t tell anyone but, I eat and drink while sitting on my new sofa. (I hear more gasps… Please don’t faint. ) 😉

{comment if you agree and maybe we could start a revolution!}


  1. Billy Carr

    Christy, I am sorry but in my OCD, I have my forks, knives and spoons and Darlene has hers and they are always separated. I wash and fold the towels. I can’t stand wrinkles in clothing. The floors are not clean until I clean them. I had a Janitorial service for several years. and I have been OCD ever since. LOL


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